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The Pigs

Tim Carter

The Pigs is a poem about identity and change. 

Read a section of The Pigs published in Peach Mag and republished in Poetry Daily

The Pigs incorporates many different texts. I've provided them below, and links when possible, for anyone interested in reading more. 

Butler, Judith. The Force of Nonviolence

Futrell, Robert, and Pete Simi. "The [Un]Surprising Alt-Right." 

Hejinian, Lyn. "The Rejection of Closure." 

Kallen, Horace. A Study of Liberty.

McCauley, Clark, and Sarah Moskalenko. "Mechanisms of Political Radicalization: Pathways Toward Terrorism." 

Rukeyser, Muriel. The Life of Poetry

Warnick, B.R., Kim, S.H. and Robinson, S. “Gun Violence and the Meaning of American Schools.”

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