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Winner of the 2019 boaat book prize 

tim carter & clara carter

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Praise for Remains

Brooks Haxton

If a writer with extraordinary gifts and dedication, a writer like Tim Carter, felt irresistibly driven to write the book of a lifetime, poems full of the nuances of the passing moment, with intensities of perception, thought, and feeling beyond the momentary, this would that book, wrenching in the pain of loss and exultant with love beyond loss: the book of a lifetime.

Rachel Eliza griffiths

Tim Carter's Remains is a stinging, lyric wonder.  Where blood and language flood the body's immediate and involuntary cavities of memory, Carter's voice surfaces in astonishing remembering. Visible in the vibrant, fractured forms of the mother and the everlasting body of these words, Carter's revelatory powers are a profound gesture of love, shock, and grief.

Bruce Smith

The emotional territory that Tim Carter must map lies somewhere between the "muscular, glossy" anger of Rodin and Cassatt's nuanced interest in not "how things were, but how they felt." These two extremities are Carter's burden and his great gift . . . This book is audacious, elusive, beautiful, harrowing, tender.

bianca stone

Remains is one of the most loving homages to a lost parent I've ever read. Devastating and clear-eyed, compassionate, Tim Carter's poems mark incredible skill in emotional expression, entering into the deeply traumatic experience of a family car accident that took the life of the mother. What astounds me is the amount of empathy it takes to accomplish such a feat. Through Carter's elegant, investigatory poetry, the dead are vivid, totally alive . . . 

michael burkard

Memory and consolation  inherit many forms, as does grief. With riveting lyricism and other illumined testimony, Remains thrives. Tim Carter has written an unforgettable book.

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28 April 2021

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